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Freelance and Consulting

Helping you plan and achieve your short-term work and project goals.

PERSON Directed PLANNING ANd Facilitation

Increasing capacity in people and organizations to plan for and build a good life in community.

Training And Equipping

Connecting with small or large groups to impact people’s skills, knowledge and attitudes.  


​My name is Megan MacDonald. I have spent the last 20 years helping people, groups and organizations achieve their goals. I am an experienced facilitator and project manager working in the non-profit and social service sector to increase capacity and impact skills, knowledge, and attitudes. I am passionate about all people being included and welcomed in our communities, workplaces, and learning environments.  

My services include assisting and consulting with non-profit organizations, Training and Equipping Others, Person Directed Facilitation and Planning, Public Speaking, and Research and Project Support. 



Consulting Client

"She provided clear and concise information that drove our next steps."

Plan Participant

"This was the highlight of my day"

Freelance Client

As always - thank you for your thoughtful and informed comments.  I always appreciate your insight.  I am so grateful for your help and assistance!


Plan Participant

The first plan that truly was geared to my son's happiness and hopes for a greater quality of life"

Consulting Client

"She was very friendly, positive, personable, organized, and resourceful."

Plan Participant

"Focused on the person and what they want."


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