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I provide freelance and consulting work to non-profit organizations and businesses in two main categories: support with time-limited projects and with advising, linking and sharing expertise. I utilize my network of other professionals and work with other freelancers and consultants to meet the needs of specific customers and projects.

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Project and Research Work

I am available to help you to plan and achieve your short-term research and project goals. I developed my project management experience in the developmental services sector, while working and volunteering with not-for-profit organizations, and with research teams at the university level and in the community. 

Examples of project and research work:

  • Conducting interviews to identify and summarize current trends in independent facilitation in the developmental service sector 

  • Leading a small group of people in planning for alternate living locations and housing alternatives

  • Developing interview questions and observation criteria as part of accreditation validation processes

  • Designing and implementing procedures for individualized funding

  • Analyzing and comparing accreditation standards to local jurisdiction legislation requirements

  • Coordinating and supporting local community events to enhance belonging

  • Policy and procedure review and revisions. 

Advising and Sharing Expertise

In addition to executing short-term projects, I support agencies and individuals by advising, linking and sharing based on my experience and contacts.  

Areas of advising and consultation include:

  • Individual personalized life and support plans and corresponding individual budgets 

  • Accreditation preparation support

  • Facilitating working groups to identify and achieve goals.  

  • Policy work

  • Quality Supports – reviews, recommendations, and training and equipping to support change, as needed.  

  • Individual coaching


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