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I have experience with a variety of planning models and tools including HSA Person Centred Thinking Tools, MAPS, PATHS, Essential Lifestyle Planning, Personal Futures Planning, Asset Based Community Development (ABCD), Social Capital, and Social Role Valorization.  

I provide planning and facilitation directly to individuals and their families. I also work with developmental service agencies to provide facilitation support to individuals and support individuals and teams with planning processes and documentation.  

Man with Down Syndrome Playing Violin


Through facilitation and planning I help people identify and create their vision of a full and meaningful life. With the support of a facilitator and through the process of person-directed and person centred planning, people are empowered to participate and contribute in their communities, develop and enhance relationships, identify and share their gifts and practice self-determination. We all seek to find places and ways we can belong and make meaningful valued contributions. Many people benefit from having someone help identify and achieve the things that would guide them in having a full and meaningful life.  

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I also feel passionately about helping people and groups achieve their goals.  This might include trying something for the first time, learning something new, meeting new people, or striving for a milestone (such as a getting a specific job, going on a long-awaited vacation, or mastering a skill). The process of independent facilitation and person directed planning can assist people to achieve their goals. 

Multi-ethnic Group of Friends
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