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What to Expect When

We Work Together

  • I will reply to emails and texts within 24 hours, even if it’s just to say ‘got it’.

  • I’ll never use legalese or intentionally trick you with loopholes in our agreements. Instead, I’ll be as clear as I can and honor what I said and expect that you’ll do the same.

  • If we’re not sure, we’ll ask each other.

  • We agree that all of our interactions are off the record, unless we agree otherwise.

  • We are intentional and specific about the work. “Who is it for” and “what is it for?” are the two key design questions.

  • I will be clear about timelines, deadlines and commitments. If timelines need to be adjusted, we will work to respect the other commitments each of us has.

  • I know the work we are doing together is not the only thing in your life, you have other work, relationships, non-work commitments, etc.. As we work together, I will be understanding of the other things in your life.

  • If it’s not working, we’ll say so, and do it with kindness.

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Bio and Training

I have worked and volunteered with the non-profit sector for over 20 years. This includes the past 15 years, being focused on promoting and enhancing services and supports primarily with the developmental services sector. In addition, I have over 10 years’ experience creating and delivering learning experiences for a wide range of learners.  

I am a life-long learner with a Master of Science in Health Studies & Gerontology from University of Waterloo and a Bachelor of Education focused in Adult and Continuing Education and Teaching from Brock University.


I have taught courses on Person Centred Support, Quality Personal Plans (process and documentation), Time Management, Goal Setting, and Overall Well-being. I have also facilitated onsite and virtual sessions and team interventions in various environments.


Through both volunteer work on boards of directors and as part of paid employment roles, I have written and developed numerous policies and procedures related to direct support in developmental services, abuse prevention and response, and volunteer management.


In addition to working independently, I currently am an instructor with a college Developmental Service Worker program, teaching courses such as Person Directed Planning, Social Services, and Philosophy of Support. I also am an active part of our family farm in Southwestern Ontario.

As part of my personal and professional development and to stay on top of trends and issues, I participate in and present at various learning events. 


Recent learning events include:  

  • Human Centred Design

  • Facilitation Leadership Workshop

  • Trust Turf and Collaboration (with Tamarack Institute) 

  • UW Leadership Certificate

  • The National Leadership Consortium on Developmental Disabilities

  • Person Centred Thinking (through HSA Canada)

  • MAPS & PATH (with Inclusion Press)

  • Fierce Conversations ™

  • ABCD Community of Practice 

  • Waterloo Region Facilitation Network

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